About Us

I first got bitten by the pigeon bug at the age of 12 when my Uncle Eddie from NY gave me some tumblers and a pair of homers. My father and I built my first loft out of an 8’ X 6’ picnic table and scraps of wood he got from work. We had the loft built in about a week. I got really excited when I put the birds in the loft. We were ready for action. Kept the birds in for 2 weeks and then let them out. They flew in all different directions. One of the tumblers just about hit the ground. That was my first experience with pigeons.

In 1966 I married my bride Judy, and we were blessed with 3 children, a son and 2 daughters. In search of a better job opportunity our family moved from NJ to Michigan 11 years later. I have a background as a journeyman tool & die maker and machine builder. In those days you could work anywhere in the USA. My first job in Michigan was at Ingersoll-Rand Farmington MI.

We found a house with 2½ acres in Fowlerville in 1978 with just enough land to fly birds again. I started flying in 1979 with the OWL club in Brighton. It was a time of learning more about the sport. I got birds from all different flyers. I had 60 birds to start and at the end of the season I had 5 birds left. I thought homers were supposed to come home. You are always learning in this sport.

In 1983 I started my coffee business and the demands of this business gave me no time to fly pigeons. In the back of my mind I knew some day I would want to get back into birds so I gave some of my key breeders to my friends in the sport.

In 1985 we moved north of town to a home on 5 acres with a thousand trees not a good place to fly pigeons. In 1995 while sitting on the deck with my bride Judy I told her I wanted to fly pigeons again. Being the great wife that she is she said “go for it”. (not really) It took me days or maybe it was months to talk her into it but after many promises she really did say “go for it”.

I made a few phone calls to my friends in the sport to get some of my bloodline back. They told me the breeders they got from me had produced some outstanding youngsters and combine winners. I had the Amish build my loft in 2 days. We also cut down over 30 big trees. Within a few weeks we were ready to rock and roll.

I flew with the LM club in Lansing and did pretty well those first years even though I was way off the line of flight. I wrote a story in the Racing Bulletin called “Second Time Around”. Ted Smith called me up and complemented me on the story. We got talking about pigeons and he asked me if I would breed him up some youngsters for the SMCC Classic and I agreed. . That was the first time I met Ted. We became great friends.

In 2000 the AU Convention Race was being held in Detroit. Ted asked if I would like to fly partners in that race. His loft was Express Loft and mine was Blue Diamond so we named our loft Blue Diamond Express Lofts. We had a great time flying that race. We took 6th , 7th and 8th place in the 350 mile race, 1276 birds. The results were published in 3 racing pigeon magazines.

After flying with Ted in 2000 I got my key breeders back . I started to concentrate on breeding birds for the 100 to 400 mile young bird money races. When you win races with your birds, that’s great but when other flyers call you up and tell you they just won the combine with one of your birds, or a new flyer e-mails you and says he’s winning all these diplomas with the birds and doesn’t know what diplomas are this is some much better. I always tell them when you win I win.

My goal and mission was then and is now to breed the best to the best, basket tested and performance proven birds that have the total package heart, brains, guts and the will to win. Pedigree is important but not the most important. Pigeons can’t read. I’ll take basket tested race results over paper tigers anytime.

God has blessed me and my beautiful wife Judy, of 42 years with 3 great kids and 8 wonderful grandchildren. Two of the boys have been flying in the AU Youth Race. The kids love to watch the birds fly and maybe one of them will get bitten by the pigeon bug just like I did.

Thank you for looking at my web-site. God bless you and your family.

Yours in the Sport,
Rich Ross
Blue Diamond Family Lofts.