2009 Race Results

AU Convention Race Results in Boston MA. Flown 10-22-09 LYONS NY

Breeders from the USA, Europe and China. Sent in 2400 Birds for the AU convention race. After all the racing and training getting the birds ready for the AU Race 76 Lofts sent in 1057 birds to the race with only 297 day birds. PLaced 2 birds in capitiol prize money

106th place ARPU-19554 Dick Lacroix
109th place ARPU-19558 Frank McLaughlin
221th place ARPU-19567 Pete Cabral

2009 EastSide Members Combine Club Detroit

13th place ARPU-19646 E&S Lofts
21st pLace ARPU-19642 Stanley Pomichowski
35th pLace ARPU-19642 S. Pomichowski
43th place ARPU-19643 E&S Lofts
42nd place ARPU-19647 S. Pomichowski
20th place ARPU-19647 S. Pomichowski
22nd place ARPU-19642 S. Powichowski
87th pLace ARPU-19571 Wally Pfieffer
90th pLace ARPU-19619 Dan McCarthy

2009 SMCC Combine MI

1st Place ARPU-19653 Ted Smith (Express Lofts)
34th pLace ARPU-19577 Tony Aguis
84th place ARPU-19577 Tony agius

2009 Rhode ISLAND Combine

8th Place ARPU-19574 Armand Dube (AU Convention Bird)

2009 Manchester Combine

29th PLace ARPU 19554 Dick Lacroix (AU Convention Bird) Tune up race.
Blue bar hen ARPU-19554 also PLaced in the money in the AU Convention Race For
Dick it was his 9th bird home. OnLy 297 birds made it home out of 1057 birds.