2010 Race Results


New England Combine Old Bird 600 mile race, flown 6-26-10 892 birds, 95 lofts smash race
2 days to clock off, 63 day birds

9th place ARPU 19574-09 In Fall River Club MA.
48th place in New England Combine 600

Armand Dube handler a very tough race not many day birds.
Grizzle hen ARPU 19574-09 **Night Flyer Family** as a yearling she has flown 200, 300, 400, 500, 600 mile races in the money on all races. Quote from Armand after the 600 and 14 hours on the wing. 19574 has got some motor on her and she’ll only get better next year.

Badger State Concourse Wisconsin Flown 5/28/10

2nd place ARPU 21252-08 Dick Althoff Break-A-Way lofts
4th place ARPU 21255-08 Dick Althoff
13th place ARPU 21347-08 Dick Althoff

Badger State Concourse Wisconsin Flown 6/06/10

6th place ARPU 21255-08 Dick Althoff
9th ARPU 21252-08 Dick Althoff
34th ARPU 21347-08 Dick Althoff
Note: Dick Althoff Break-A-Way lofts has been winning with my family of birds since 1997


AU Convention Race Results in Oklahoma 2010 100 year anniversary flown on November 11, 2010 1,075 Birds went to the race

41st place BDFL-711-10 Randy Goodpasture
42nd place BDFL 772-10 Bobby Robertson
160th place BDFL 704-10 Richard Henry

SMCC Combine Detroit

1st place BDFL-702-10 Tong Aguis
16th place BDFL-702-10 Tong Aguis
30th Place BDFL-755-10 Paul Wernet (Note: 400mile Classic Race 6 day Birds)

EastSide Members Detroit Combine

16th place BDFL-748-10 E&S Lofts
21th place BDFL-751-10 E&S Lofts
38th place BDFL-710-10 Dan McCarthy (Note: Motor City 350 Very Tough Race Not many Day Birds North West Winds gusting over 52mph)
60th place BDFL-757-10 Paul Wernet Mid West Race

Mexican Union Club Detroit MI

1st place MUC-931-10 Efrain Loft “Mr Z”
(Note Mexican Union 400 mile auction race 4 1/2 minutes ahead of 2nd place bird)

MUC-931-10 1st place 400 mile Winner is from breeders Efrain got from me.

4th place BDFL-723-10 Navarro loft
6th place BDFL-722-10 Efrain Loft “Mr Z”
22th place BDFL-723-10 Navarro loft
28th Place BDFL-731-10 Sauceda Loft
38th Place BDFL-722-Efrain “Mr Z”

Derby Challenge flown in Mexico

1st place BDFL-733-10 Marcos Castillo
2nd place BDFL-768-10 Marcos Castillo
80th place FMC-007976-10 Montanez from Guadalajara Mexico
Note: 5656 birds in the race, 3 clubs from Guadalajara City

Greater Western Combine Sideling Hill, Pennsylvania

1st place NEW 1920-10 Richard & Betty Woodhall Combine Win 1651 birds, 76 lofts.
1st place NEW 1920-10 Richard & Betty Woodhall Club Win 520 birds, 22 lofts.
Note: Guaranteed breeders Rich & Betty Woodhall bought in 2009

Lansing Michigan LM Club

2nd place CEN 42886-10 Tim Jackson 250 miles
24th place CEN 42886-10 Tim Jackson 300 miles
50th place CEN 42886-10 Tim Jackson 300 miles State Young Birds

4th place BDFL-795-10 Tim Jackson 160 miles
6th place BDFL-795-10 Tim Jackson 300 miles, 15th in State
12th place BDFL-795-10 Tim Jackson 125 miles
33rd place BDFL-795-10 Tim Jackson another 125 mile race

1st place BDFL-796-10 Tim Jackson 160 miles
4th place BDFL-796-10 Tim Jackson 300 miles, 4th in State
11th place BDFL-796-10 Tim Jackson 125 miles
52nd place BDFL-796-10 Tim Jackson 200 miles

Quote from Tim Jackson St Charles Michigan “These birds enabled me to win average speed in the club. BDFL 796-10 was high point bird and the nestmate BDFL 795-10 was the 3rd high point in the club. ” Thanks, Rich have a GREAT NEW YEAR” Tim…