2011 Race Results

Young Birds 2011 Race Results

1st Place AU Convention Race – Phoenix Arizona – December 2nd, 2011

DAN MCCARTHY (K.M.M Syndicate) Eastside Members Club Detroit Michigan
DCWF Hen ESM-1404-2011 Bloodlines on Hen side go back to *Blue Diamond Family Lofts* from a kit of birds Dan Bought in 2008
“When You Win I Win” GO Diamond!!!

San Francisco Triple Crown One Loft Winner – “Diamond Lady” BB Hen BDFL-710-11

1st Place 222 mile race
Equal to 2nd place 330 miles
16th on 190 mile race 652 YPM (very tough race)

Note: Races in Sierra Mountains where the weather is constantly changing.

Mary Bajer – Hilowlofts NJ

Placed 92nd in Central Jersey Combine – 2,804 birds

Sam & Kathleen Lembo – Florida

Placed 2nd, 3rd and 4th in tough 300 mile race

Jack Hirschfield (HillTops Lofts) Pittsburg PA

Direct son of Ultimate Sky Warrior
Bread 2x1st place wins
1x2nd place win 1x3rd place win
Also in a very tough 350 mile Auction young bird (WI)
Bred 27th place in the money

Marcos Castillo Chihuahur, Mexico

Triple Crown Winner – Mexico
3x1st places in a 5 race series 1,200 plus birds each week
3x1st in the Triple Crown

Quote from Marcos
“This has never been done in the history of the Triple Crown”

Bird name is “ZEUS”
In Mexico they race the birds every week.
The 300 mile race the birds have to fly over 150 miles of mountain ranges..

New Flash!!! 11/26/11 Nest mate to Zeus took 7th in the money on a 380 mile young bird race. I told Marcos to name the bird. “ZEUS 2”

Blue Diamond Family Lofts Bloodlines Win In The USA And Now in Mexico

Old Birds 2011 Race Results

As reported on Heartland Racing Pigeon Federation Website

Flown by Dick Althoff Break-A-Way Lofts
Dick has been winning with my family of birds since 1997

Splash Cock ARPU 21385-08 Flown April 29th, 2011 – 1,018 birds

10th place in club
52nd place in federation

BC Hen ARPU 21255-08 Flown May 6th 2011 – 1,733 birds

7th place in club
7th place in Federation

Splash Cock ARPU 21385-08 Flown May 16th, 2011 – 1,003 birds

1st place in club
33rd place in federation

BC Hen ARPU 21255-08 Flown May 22nd, 2011 – 621 birds

5th place in club
33rd place in federation

Splash Cock 21385-08 Flown June 4th, 2011 – 1,057 birds

6th place in club
20th place in federation

Splash Cock ARPU 21385-08 Flown June 11th, 2011 – 715 birds

Winning speed 979.735 YPM a very tough race
1st place in club
1st place in federation

My family of birds helped Break-A-Way lofts win second average speed

Michigan 500 Mile Race

500 Flown 7/2/11 smash race, 2 days to clock off 100 degree temperature, high humidity, a very tough race.

Splash hen Centennial 42886 -10 Tim Jackson handler

1st Place club
1st Place combine
Bloodline Ultimate Sky Warrior & Stichelbaut Night Flyer Family
Note: Tim had the only 3 day birds in all of the clubs.

BB Cock BDFL 796-10 Tim Jackson Handler

3rd Place Club
3rd Place Combine

Tim ended up with 2 more birds the next day taking the first five positions in both club and combine.This was Tim’s first time he clocked a 500 mile day bird and he had 3 of them lst and 3rd were from Blue Diamond Family Loft USA bloodlines. First place winner Splash Hen Centennial 42886-10 bet the 6th place bird by 8 hours. This is what the sport is all about. Paying it forward with great birds.

When You Win I Win
God Bless
Rich Ross