2012 Race Results

2012 Race Results

Lucky 17 One Loft Race

Handler: Bobby Roberson
Back to Back Wins 1st in 200 & 1st in 300 mile races BCH BDFL-700-12
Note: Only sent one bird to the race. Warrior Winning bloodlines.

Route 66 One Loft Race – Oklahoma

Handler: Randy Goodpasture
8th Place 200 mile race
10th and 38th Place 300 mile race
A very tough race with strong cross winds

SF Bay Triple Crown One Loft Race – California

Handler: Mike Belus
1st Place BDFL-790-12 250 Miles
Note: Warrior Bloodline won Triple Crown 250 race 3 years in a row: 2011, 2012 & 2013 Ultimate Sky Warrior Family

Mexican SWDT Club Race – Detroit

Equal to 1st Place. 3rd Place overall by 4 seconds. 400 Mile Auction Race
1st Place Auction Bird BDFL-739-12 (Warrior Family)
Jorge Torres Cappillia Lofts Handler

Tim Jackson – St. Charles Michigan

1st & 6th FM Club 300 Miles
1st & 5th LM Club 250 Miles
LM Auction Race Same Station
Note: 3rd Place 11 Birds in the Money 7 birds Blue Diamond Bloodlines

Dixie Convention – Georgia

Handler: Fred Wagner
1st bird to Fred’s loft BCC ARPU 5839-12
15th Place 300 mile convention race
Sire: BDFL-777-11 Direct son of Ultimate Sky Warrior

Jack Hirschfield Hill Top Lofts – Pennsylvania

Club & Combine Wins: 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013 (Warrior Bloodlines)
Direct son of “Ultimate Sky Warrior” 2012
Nominated for AU Hall of Fame

Vinnie Torre LCM Auction Race 350 Miles

CJC Combine New Jersey
4th to Pete Surowiec – Riverside Loft
5th Auction Bird BCWF BDFL-732-12
44th in combine. 803 birds
Note: Son of Ultimate Sky Warrior Bloodline

Champion Wining Bloodlines since 1997

Winning in the USA and now tu amigos in Mexico

When You Win We Both Win! Go Diamond!