Race Results from 1997 to 2008

2008 AU Convention National 300 Young Bird Race “The Big Race” Flown October 16, 2008, 788 Birds, 358 Breeders, NW headwinds 5-10

Breeders from USA, Europe and the China Syndicate shipped birds in. 2 days to clock off, only 120 day birds. One of the toughest AU Races. Blue Diamond Family Lofts was the only breeder to place 3 birds in the Top 25 on the day.

12th Place ARPU 21330 Chad Sandstrom
19th Place ARPU 21252 Dick Althoff
25th Place ARPU 21331 Dave Brotzler
33rd Place ARPU 21270 Chad Sandstrom
68th Place ARPU 21271 Gary Hegner
88th Place ARPU 21255 Dick Althoff
261st Place ARPU 21303 Dick Althoff (2nd Day)

2008 Eastside Members Detroit Clubs

5th Place ARPU 21263 Ed Sawicki (ES Lofts)
31st Place APRU 21260 Ed Sawicki
50th Place APRPU 21287 Ed Sawicki
25th Place ARPU 21262 Dan McCarthy
30th Place ARPU 21258 Dan McCarthy

2008 M Union Club

4th Place ARPU 21280 Efrain Loft
15th Place ARPU 21280 Efrain Loft
34th Place ARPU 21280 Efrain Loft
9th Place ARPU 21280 Efrain Loft
14th Place ARPU 21264 Efrain Loft
57th Place ARPU 21282 Pancho Loft
71th Place ARPU 21274 Pancho Loft

2007 AU Convention Young Bird Race in Detroit
400 miles, 1160 birds, 58 lofts

106th Place Tony Agius ARPU 74771
1st Place Youth Race Grandson Caden Flanery
39th Place Youth Race Grandson Chase Flanery

2006 Suburban Motor City Combine YB Race
400 Miles, 325 birds, 31 Lofts

3rd Place Ted Smith APRU 29293
10th Place Ken Howard APRU 29216
45th Place Russ Mecklenberg ARPU 29251
55th Place Warren Sessink ARPU 29124
83rd Place Warren Sessink I19822
112th Place Ken Howard ARPU 29282
117th Place Ken Howard ARPU 29213
Won Champion out of Area Breeder in this race

2006 Spring Break 400 YB Race

Nestmate to 29216 that scored in the Classic Race won the 400 for Ken Howard ARPU 29217

2006 Eastern Classic Hall of Fame 350 YB Race
129 lofts, 731 birds sponsored by Tri County Club CJC Combine

8th Place Mary Bajer High Low Lofts ARPU 29224
Nestmate ARPU 29223 also scored in this race

08/19/2006 Combine Race with NJ & NY, 6500 birds

1st to Mary’s Loft, ARPU 29224
71st in Combine

2006 Eastside Members, smash 200 mile YB race
934 birds in race, 728 birds lost that day

3rd Place Ed Sawicki, ARPU 29205
5th Place Lee Wernet ARPU 29276

2006 AU Convention Race California

15th Place Mike Belus

2005 AU Convention 350 YB Race in California
1172 birds,59 lofts

146th Place Mike Belus ARPU 3031
same bloodline took 15th in 2006

2004 500 Mile Combine Old Bird Race in Detroit

33rd place Ken Howard SMCC 2763

2004 Motor City Combine YB Race
350 Miles, 940 birds, 55 lofts

38th Place Ken Howard ARPU 53126
2nd OOA bird to Ken Howard

2003 Troy S. California new flyer

got an e-mail from Troy had 3rd places, 1 7th place, 1 8th place, and 2 10th place . Here’s a quote from him “they give out diplomas for the top 10 spots, don’t have a clue what that means, but you have been a big part of my success”.

2003 Motor City Combine YB Race
350 miles, 1333 birds, 53 lofts

16th place Ken Howard, SMCC 2755

2003 SMCC Classic 400 YB Race

11th Place Russ Mecklenburg SMCC 2766

2003 Chlastawa Spring Break 400 YB Race
2 days in basket, 835 birds, 45 lofts

7th place Ken Howard SMCC 2763

2003 Oklahoma one loft race smash 350

raining all along the course, 20 MPH head winds placed 3rd with only 3 day birds SMCC 2751 son off 2002 SMCC 2751. His son 2003 bred 3rd place and 10th place in the SMCC Classic

2002 Mid West Convention 300 YB Race

28th place Tim Macken SMCC 2760

2002 Smash 400 mile old bird race
only 11 day birds

Ken Howard placed 6th in this race with my bird SMCC 2751

2000 Au Convention 350 YB Race In Detroit
1376 birds,66 lofts
Ted Smith and I were handlers in this AU Race
under Blue Diamond Express Lofts

6th place Fran Weber
7th place Frank McLaughlin
8th place Chris Peeman bird named Miss Detroit

1999 SMCC Classic 350 YB Race In Detroit

8th place Warren Sessink LM 728

1998 AU Convention 350 YB Race in Oklahoma

10th Place Roper’s Loft LM 663

1998 One Loft 350 YB Race Grand Rapid, MI

1st and 9th Place

1998 Michigan State Gold Band 300 YB Race

5th Place Ted Smith

1998 Jersey Open 300 Mile Race

6th Place

1997 AU Convention 300 YB National Race
1215 birds, 60 lofts, 514 breeders

5th Place Dick Althoff LM 0548 flew 1898 YPM only bird on north side because of the wind all the other birds were 35 miles south. To have a bird break like that they said this was the best bird in the convention. Dick’s loft really lived up to its name Break-A-Way loft.

Note: I have a list of other flyers that have won races and done exceptionally well with my birds but they do not want their names listed for fear that other club members would see them and get birds from me. They feel they would be shooting themselves in the foot.