Caden Flanery Wins 1st Place

Caden Flanery Wins 1st Place in 2007 AU Convention Youth Race in Detroit

Story from Racing Pigeon Digest April 15th 2008

Shipping night at any convention is always an exciting time. When my phone rang I thought Oh no, what’s wrong now, but it was my daughter Bonnie. She was so excited. Karen Clifton from the AU left a message that my grandson Caden’s bird (ARPU 74806 blue bar) had won the Au Youth race and his older brother Chase’s bird (ARPU 74801 silver) had place 39th.

I was really excited for Caden and Chase. A few weeks later Caden got a beautiful plaque. He slept with it under his pillow for 3 days before his Mom found out. A few weeks later a big box was delivered and inside it was a large trophy. Sure glad he didn’t sleep with that under his pillow.

When I asked Chase if he was mad that Caden won 1st place he said “Nay, my little brother smoked me”. That’s the sign of a real winner.

Congratulations to all the boys and girls that had birds in the youth race. They are all winners too.

2007 AU Youth Race Winner Caden Flanery

1st Place AU Youth Winner Caden Flanery39th place AU Youth Race Chase Flanery