Suburban Motor City Classic Combine 400 Mile Race

Suburban Motor City Classic Combine 400 Mile Race

Story from Racing Pigeon Digest May 1st 2007

The Suburban Motor Classic 400 mile young bird race is one of the best races in the country. Breeders from all parts of the U.S. send their best to this race. It’s one of the biggest races here in Michigan. Winning the Classic 400 is like winning the Kentucky Derby of races.

As I write this story about the Classic it is -10 degrees here in Michigan with snow on the ground. We had a heat wave yesterday. It was 20 degrees. Just to think a few months ago we were flying the Classic.

I breed and send birds out to money races and my birds do very well with other handlers, but the Classic is the one to win. The Classic race is usually a tough race. The birds are 2 days in the basket. This year the birds were tested again.

Judy & I went to watch the race at Ken Howard’s place. We got there about 1 P.M. Stan Kuron, his Dad and Lenny Luther were also there. We found out the birds were up at 7:45 A.M. You start to estimate when the birds will arrive checking wind direction from the station all the way back home. We thought the birds would be there around 2 PM but you know you have to start looking earlier than that. Around race time you start to clock everything that flies. So far we had clocked 4 doves 3 black birds and 2 coopers . The coopers have a way of always showing up when you don’t want them there.

Everything was set in place, the droppers were good to go. Around 1:45PM as we were looking into the sky 8 birds flying high came screaming out of the north. I shouted to Ken “birds” and we sent 2 droppers up. 6 birds peeled out. What a sight to see.

The wind was very gusty that day and the droppers were having a hard time land on the landing board. The race birds also we having a hard time landing as the wind was against them. Then finally 2 birds clocked in and soon the rest followed. Ken went into the loft to find out what birds had clocked in and he came out smiling. He said this is one of the first times that everyone that was watching for birds got a bird in the clock.

Ken is on the short end so I called my good friend Ted Smith to say that birds were on the way. Pam (Ted’s wife) answered the phone and told me Ted was taking a shower. I told her to get him out of the shower birds are on the way. Still soaking wet Ted ran out of the shower. No sooner had he got on his deck a BC hen was circling. He threw the dropper up and got the BC in. I didn’t find this story out until 10 minutes later when I called him back and was talking to Pam. Ted told me he had one bird. I asked who’s bird it is. He said it’s yours. Wow!!! I really got excited.

We got the call that they were reading the clocks at 5 PM. Going down to the club is always exciting to see where you place as they post the winning results on the board. Here are the top ten winners.

Handler Breeder Bird
1st place Russ Mecklenburg Bob Qualls QAL17
2nd place Bob Barnes, Sr. P. Hanna LV223
3rd place Ted Smith Rich Ross ARPU 29293
4th place K.Howard/N.Kirk Bieniek BIEN 52
5th place K.Howard/N.Kirk B. Peeman OHF 4202
6th place K.Howard/N.Kirk S. Kuron SFA 794
7th place K.Howard/N.Kirk L. Luther SMCC 1737
8th place K.Howard/N.Kirk Ganus GFL 529
9th place W. Sessick Ted Smith SMCC 864
10th place K.Howard/N.Kirk Rich Ross ARPU 29216

All the results were not in for who won Champion Out of Area Loft . There were a lot of big time breeders there from all parts of the US. So to beat them would be a something really special. We had to leave early because I promised Judy we would get home in time to watch her show, but you know guys I didn’t really want to leave the club early. Are you ready for the title of the program she wanted to watch? It was called the Amazing Race. I thought I just had an amazing classic race placing 3rd and 10th.

While riding home from the club with my bride Judy of 41 years we got a call from Betty Cesarz at the club. She said “Ross you just kicked their butts congratulations you won the Champion Out of Area Breeder”. We got real excited then. Wow!!What a day.

Special thanks to all the handlers of my birds, Ted Smith, Ken Howard & Nancy Kirk, Warren Sessick, Russ Mecklenberg, Tony Agius. Also special recognition for the great effort by Efrain Zamudio the “Mexican Connection” placing 6 birds in the top 50.

The SMCC Combine is hosting the AU Convention Race in 2007. You got to be in it to win it. There are some of the best handlers in the sport right here in Detroit. When the AU Convention was in Detroit in 2000 it was one of the best conventions I have ever been to. Betty Cesarz and Bob Barnes said this was going to be bigger and better in 2007. It will be a blast from the past. See ya at the convention. Have a winning season. God Bless. Rich Ross

Bob Qualls & Russ Mecklenburg3rd Rich Ross - Handler Ted SmithHoward & kirk 10th Place - Rich Ross